Liberal Education is the term used for the multi-disciplinary approach to education. Liberal Education focuses on a learning system of education which gives students the options to choose courses which are different and responds to the explorations the student needs to make. Students can find a broad spectrum of courses, and they have the option of twining into many streams of knowledge to find out which their calling is and which area they wish to respond to by going ahead. The curriculum is not open-ended. There is a structure, and the student encounters some courses across the streams of existing knowledge to be able to make very well-informed decisions in their specialisations.

Liberal Education wishes to deliver an academic experience that incubates intellectual curiosity, a critical thought process, self-reflection, leadership and teamwork skills, a sense of commitment and professionalism and a heightened sensitivity to one’s socio-cultural environment.

A liberal arts degree program gives students everything that a traditional BA or BSc does and more. The liberal arts method is attractive precisely because it furnishes one with all the technical and academic knowledge to transcend in one's chosen field of study, while simultaneously enriching one's acquaintance groundwork with other skills and experience sets that no doubt supplements a core domain.

All you need to know about Liberal studies